Monday, October 17, 2016

Let's Get Quilting 2016 - Forever Yours 7 pc bundle from First Blush Studio by Henry Glass

Time to set your sights on Valentine's day and here is a PERFECT bundle to do just that! Forever Yours from First Blush Studio by Henry Glass & Co, is sweet and chocolate fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Designer Spotlight - Janet Nesbitt and One Sister Designs

Janet Rae Nesbitt is the creative force behind One Sister Designs.

Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Designs
We caught up with Janet in a crazy afternoon as she was preparing for quilt market, and putting finishing touches on her latest book.  We got a little glimpse into where she’s from and what’s going on with her now.

Janet on the farm as a little girl
Janet grew up in Western Washington, in the tiny town of Reardan, the daughter of a dry land wheat farmer. One of four girls, she grew up helping out on the farm with harvest and haying, whatever needed doing! 

She says she was an “oops” baby, born years after the other girls, so she spent a lot of her younger days tagging along with her father, doing chores, feeding cows, etc.  She says, “Even as a little girl, I’d go out with my dad to milk the cow, and my “job” was to hold her tail to keep her from swishing Dad in the face as he milked! So I learned from a very young age the value and benefits of hard work. Dad also taught important lessons about integrity, honesty, and perseverance, while my mom taught me kindness and to have a joyful and willing heart.”

Some of Janet's One Sister Design Quilts
Janet always enjoyed sewing and crafting and got some mentoring by participating in her local 4-H club. While in 4-H she made her first quilt using a McCall’s pattern with a 4-point star.  She even entered the quilt in the local county fair! “Even way back then I liked star patterns!” she said.

As a young mother, Janet took a hand appliqué class from Sue Linker who was teaching her Sun Bonnet Sue Throughout the Year (Martingale/That Patchwork Place) and that was probably the first time the designing bug hit. Janet started changing Sue’s patterns, with her permission, to Overall Bill, and began drafting blocks of her own. Janet and Sue met once a month for 6 months and Janet got her foot strongly planted in the quilt design world.  Janet even designed a quilt with Overall Bill holding the cow’s tail during milking time! 

In 1993, Janet, her husband and their two small boys moved back home to Reardan. Her husband had a great opportunity in nearby Spokane for work, and since Janet’s dad had recently passed, her mother needed more family around.   The downside of this move is that Janet was now out of work. It did however, afford her the opportunity to volunteer at school and church, and to continue quilting and trying a more serious go at designing quilts. Janet says, “I didn’t think of it as “designing”, I was just sketching something and appliquéing it down to make a quilt! And yes, I do still have the patterns!”

The beginning of the Buggy Barn

The Buggy Barn on the Nesbitt's property.
Then in 1996, her youngest son was heading off to kindergarten and Janet’s sister Pam’s youngest was headed to college, so the two decided to open a quilt store in the Janet and her husband’s barn! The realtor had called the barn a ‘carriage house, but an elderly woman in the area told them that it was always called the ‘buggy barn.’  And that became the name of the quilt store. 

Since the Buggy Barn was about 25 miles from the nearest city, Janet and her sister were looking for a marketing angle that gave a reason for customers to make the drive out to shop. One day, a very dear customer came in and was explaining a method she’d seen for making scrappy pockets for a vest. Janet drafted a pattern a transferred the concept to a pieced quilt, and Buggy Barn Crazies was born! This is a technique of stacking fat quarters, cutting on the lines, shuffling the fabric so there are no two fabric pieces alike in the same block, and then stitching it all back together again. It is a nice systematic process and only requires squaring it up once you’re done! What everyone seems to like about the technique of crazy quilting is that the cutting is fast and easy and then you’re done and sewing.

Initially, Buggy Barn Crazies was the marketing angle that would get customers to the remote location to take a class at the shop, but people had conflicts and began asking to just buy the pattern.  So this is how Janet, the pattern designer, began. Since that first pattern, she has designed and produced over two dozen patterns, and has her designs as the basis of 30 books!

The continued success of One Sister Designs

Now her brand is One Sister Designs and she is publishing her fifth book under her new name. Her latest book came out in August (2016) and was published by Martingale. (Yes, she will be a quilt market in the Henry Glass booth signing her new book and giving several copies away).

So from pattern designer, the next step was fabric designer. That’s when Henry Glass comes into the picture. About 2003, Henry Glass & Co. approached Janet and her sister about designing fabric under the Buggy Barn name. Since those early days, Janet has continued to design fabric under the One Sister Designs name.
Showing off the colors Janet loves most, at a recent quilt market

“For me fabric design is all about the color! Then I have to have a variety of scales in the patterns in each line. I really like word prints, stripes, and dots, I love stars and I have to have plaids! I can’t sew with just a few fabrics! I’m a scrap-piecer at heart, and I love to hand appliqué,” she says, “but I’m probably best known for the crazy technique of piecing. It is so much fun! Once someone tries it, they usually get hooked.”

With her two grown boys, Ross and Zack, and husband, Tom.
Janet’s inspired by the things around her; houses, barns, country roads, gardens and color! She loves to garden, bike, kayak and paddle board with her husband and the two grown boys. And, of course, quilt! She also still has her hand in teaching both the crazy piecing technique and needle turn applique.

Here is Janet’s book list in order of publication: Down This Country Road, Completely Crazy, Crazy Favorites, Crazy at the Cabin, published by Martingale and the newest book, to be released at Quilt Market; Back Porch Quilts.

Janet's books under the One Sister brand (not shown; Back Porch Quilts)

This latest book will be released at Quilt Market

 The feature quilt from her newest book; Back Porch Quilts. 

Actually hung on the back porch! 

Close up of the quilt

Monday, October 10, 2016

Let's Get Quilting 2016 - Jesus Loves Me Bundle Giveaway

Sharyn Sowell is a new fabric designer with Henry Glass, and a very accomplished artist in lots of other worlds. Check out this interview we did with Sharyn in March.  This collection brings the joy of the timeless Jesus Loves Me song to life with butterflies, bubble dots, and children's silhouettes in squares. Enter to win this charming bundle! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Desire to Inspire - Our October Challenger has been selected!

This month's Desire to Inspire challenger will be taking the Moose Lodge fabric and making wonderful things, we are sure of it!

Meet our challenger, Sharon Vrooman, avid quilter, who is shown here demonstrating some handwork at a recent local 'fiber artisans' exhibit.

She is a resident of upstate New York. And check this out: here is a sign with the name of her lane... not a coincidence. That's how they named their private farm lane.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Let's Get Quilting 2016 - Adore!

Adore! This is one of the fabulous Henry Glass collections that is shipping to shops in November. It's called Adore! to show off our classic affair with love. Here is a peek at what's in store for you in this 9 pc. bundle prize in the Adore bundle.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Desire to Inspire - the October contest is now requesting a Challenger!

Where the crossroads meet at rustic natural surroundings and the luxury of living the good life, you have arrived at Moose Lodge.  The Moose Lodge fabric collection is born from the imagination of Jan Shade Beach, one of the most prolific designers of Henry Glass. 

Here is a peek of the whole collection.  In this month's challenge, you will receive the fabrics shown above, and a whole month to create whatever you want!!! Plus you get to keep them when you're done!  

Inspired by the Moose Lodge collection? We want you to put your name in the hat for this month's challenge? Comment on this blog post. You MUST put your email in the comment, so we can contact you. These comments will not be published. 

This is how it goes: 

1. YOU sign up below with your email or blog name to this post.

2. WE pick a winner. 

3. YOU send us your address.

4. WE send you the "Moose Lodge" fabrics shown above.

5. YOU make something AWESOME during the month of October, with pictures and your story.

6. WE post it. 

7. YOU keep it. 

* We would like to have challengers show us they can do it. So while you don't need a blog, a profile with some quilt pictures (and a real name) helps. Enter by commenting with something you have done before. We will not post your emails, or links on the site, it will remain private. We just want to get a flavor of how inspiration strikes you!  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Design to Inspire - September Challenger Laura Piland

Meet our September Challenger: Laura Piland!

My husband and I grew up in the same town in Kansas and met in high school just before he left for basic training in the United States Air Force. He served four years, and was stationed in Kansas for the same amount of time. Then we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada for his job. I taught middle school math for most of the time we lived there. I loved it! Math has always been my favorite subject!
Also while living in Las Vegas, I got an inkling to make a quilt for a friend after she had a baby. I had sewn a little bit as a kid, but never made a quilt. I used internet tutorials and YouTube videos to teach myself everything I needed to know! I also called my mom and grandma for quite a bit of advice! That first quilt was made six years ago. As soon as it was finished, I started another. And another. And…I was hooked!

About four years ago, we decided we wanted to move somewhere with lots of trees. We also wanted to move to a small town and start a family. Those desires led us to Mountain Grove, a small town in southwest Missouri. Since moving here, we have had two boys. The oldest is now 3 ½ and the youngest is 1 ½. I am currently staying at home with them. This new challenge of dealing with toddlers has led to much more quilting! I like to say quilting is to me what fishing is to my husband! It keeps me sane!

Sweet Hexie Pillow with Sew Bee It! Collection
Mountain Grove is about an hour away from the “big city” of Springfield, Missouri. The area is referred to as the Ozarks. There are lots of trees and hills, called the Ozark Mountains. We live on a small farm about ten minutes into the country. The dirt road that leads to our house has trees covering several parts of the road. The days just started to get cooler this week, and I am really looking forward to the leaves changing colors! On the way to our house, there are five low water bridges. I had never heard of those before moving here!

Basically, they are concrete patches in the road where the creek flows right over the road. So we drive through the creek five times on the way to our house! During a heavy rainstorm, the water level in the creek becomes too high to pass through. The rest of time, my boys like when we drive fast through the water to make big splashes! Oh, the life with boys!

Pillows and Quilt with Sew Bee It!
Mini Quilted Books
In the six years since I started quilting, I’ve made 79 quilts! 38 of those this year! I’ve made mini quilts, mini mini quilts, table toppers, table runners, baby quilts, and large quilts too. I sometimes make things other than quilts, but I always go back to quilting. In 2014, I wanted to make 14 quilts in 2014, but I didn’t hit that goal. So I changed it to 15 quilts in 2015 – and ended up making 27! I think I’m well on my way to my 16 quilts in 2016 goal too! Ha!

 (You can see all my quilt finishes on my blog!)

Sew Bee It! Quilt Close-up
I don’t really have a set style or type of quilt that I love. However, I really love trying new things! I rarely make the same quilt twice. I always seek out new techniques and short cuts. I don’t want to waste the precious sewing time I get! I tend to like more modern quilting designs, but I don’t limit myself! I’m always willing to learn something new!

I sew almost exclusively on my vintage Bernina 930 Record. I bought it just after starting my first quilt. I quickly realized the “just in case” hand-me-down machine I had was causing more frustration than it was worth! I use my Bernina to piece and quilt. I have a walking foot for straight-line quilting and a darning foot for free motion quilting. I’m not sure I could trade it for any other machine! I love it!

 Finished Quilt with Sew Bee It! Collection
This year, I discovered that writing quilt patterns feeds my love of math and teaching! I have written a few patterns and will be releasing some more very soon! It is a goal of mine to teach quilting classes at quilt shops or quilt guilds one day!

Sew Bee It! Apron 
The online quilting community has really helped me find my “tribe!” I love connecting with quilters all over the world! I’d love to “meet” you and get to know you too! You can find me around the web on Facebook, Instagram, Ello, Pinterest, and of course, my blog. I like to share the stories behind the quilts I make along with behind the seams photos. In fact, I have a blog post up about my Desire to Inspire Challenge with lots of behind the seams photos!

Sew Bee It! Weaving Pillow
Facebook: Slice of Pi Quilts -
Instagram: @sliceofpilife -
Ello: @sliceofpilife -
Pinterest: Slice of Pi Quilts -

I have truly enjoyed the Desire to Inspire challenge this month! I still have a fabric panel and some other fabrics left over, so be sure to keep an eye out for more projects from this fabric line! Thank you Henry Glass & Co. for the opportunity to work with these beautiful fabrics!